Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be debilitating to one's life and spirit. After a severe and dramatic physical or emotional trauma, our mind, body and spirit becomes disconnected. Our bodies store these painful memories in our muscles, ligaments and bones as well as in our Acupuncture meridians and our Chakra points, while our Mind and Spirit remain stuck in 'panic' mode.

As our mind and psyche remains paralyzed in the moment of the physical or emotional trauma, constantly reliving the painful experience and keeping us locked in a frozen state of shock and fear, our Adrenal Glands weaken due to the constant stimulation of this stressful state of mind.

This constant state of shock and fear keeps us stuck in our 'fight or flight' sympathetic nervous system. This causes us to over-secrete adrenaline, cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine from our adrenal glands. This causes excessive muscular contraction, rapid heart beat, over excited nerves, increased pain sensation, a jumpy personality, and insomnia.

Being stuck in the 'fight or flight' post traumatic stress syndrome can also cause digestive disorders. The sympathetic nervous system causes our stomach to secrete excess amounts of HCl Hydrochloric acid, our intestines are unable to digest and absorb nutrients from our food, the proper flow of the microvillae in our intestinal lining becomes frozen and jerky resulting in food and toxin accumulations in our intestines.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

In order to relax the sympathetic nervous system out of this state of agitation, PTSD treatment may require a few different approaches to help the mind, body and nervous system to release the trauma and reconnect to your whole and complete self.

I have used the following PTSD treatment methods with good results:

  • Hair Mineral Analysis because this test can actually tell what stage of the "Fight-or-flight" stress response that you are stuck in. The Acute stage of Stress results is the minerals Sodium and Potassium testing very high, due to high levels of Cortisol, Aldosterone, and other Adrenal stress hormones.

  • The Chronic stage is revealed by lower levels of Sodium and Potassium since the Adrenal glands are getting tired by the chronic stress response of PTSD.

  • The Exhaustion stage of Stress is revealed by a low Sodium to Potassium ratio on the Hair analysis, along with low or high levels of these 2 minerals. Your Calcium and Magnesium levels also determine how much stress you are currently enduring, and how well you handle stress.

  • A very high level of Calcium in the soft tissues reveals that you are in a protective "Calcium shell" that is common with PTSD. This is a very chronic stage of PTSD stress response, and this accumulation of Calcium in the soft tissues helps you to become numb to the external world, as a way to protect from experiencing the pain or fear that originally caused your state of constant Stress.

  • Another important aspect of the Hair Mineral Analysis is that it can reveal a Copper Toxicity which can accumulate in the body's tissues as a result of EXTREME STRESS!
  • Copper toxicity is very common in today's modern society which can be very stress inducing, starting in early childhood, Academic education, and business structures all create a lot of stress for students, teachers, business owners, employees, and so on. SInce Copper helps to create Adrenaline, it is common in cases of PTSD that there is an accumulation of Toxic Copper in the soft tissues, which the Hair analysis test can help to diagnose, and also develop a Nutritional Balancing treatment using the Hair analysis as guidance to resolving your underlying Mineral imbalances that are keeping you stuck in your current physiological state of Chronic stress.
  • Hara Abdominal Massage is very effective at calming the nervous system and inducing the para-sympathetic nervous system by stimulating all of the parasympathetic nerve endings of the intestines and internal organs. Many emotional traumas are stored in the abdomen and this type of energy massage is very strong at releasing and healing these painful experiences as well as building your energetic core.
  • Medical Qigong and Qigong Massage therapies are essential tools at calming the nervous system, resolving muscle knots and trigger point myofascial adhesions that keep old memories, traumas, and repetitive stress reactions locked in the body, which give rise to chronic pain, tight muscles, anxiety and mental agitation.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a proven stress relief therapy which can help unblock old physical and emotional traumas and relieve the present symptoms of pain, anxiety, nervousness, anger, timidity, allergies, headaches. Studies have shown that EFT is effective at treating virtually any illness and mental or emotional condition.
  • EFT works by stimulating the entry and exit points of the Acupuncture Meridians as well as various other specific Acupuncture points in order to disperse the stagnant emotions that get lodged in the Acupuncture meridians. At the same time, you focus on the issue that is causing you pain, anger, or sorrow by repeating:

    "Even though I (state your problem), I still love and accept myself."

    This mantra of total acceptance helps to charge the Acupuncture meridians which flow throughout the entire body with love and acceptance of your problems, and especially of yourself. This feeling of self love and acceptance is very effective at relaxing the nervous system