By Alex Tuggle L.Ac.

   January 24, 2017

Your body can handle a great deal of environmental toxins and pollutants, thanks to your body’s built in detoxification and blood filtration systems, found in your lymphatic vessels, Liver, Kidneys and digestive system. However, many of these metabolic pathways and organ functions can become overwhelmed at a certain point, known as “the breaking point”.

We can all use a little help some time. Sometimes our internal organs, such as our liver, brain and endocrine glands, are the same. If there are too many environmental toxins trying to be released through the liver at one time, all of your liver’s enzyme pathways can become overloaded, leading to nutrient deficiencies, or a breakdown some where in the metabolic systems that make sure antioxidants, such as Glutathione  are being produced in large enough quantities to bind up the large numbers environmental toxins, heavy metals and chemicals that are bio-accummulating in our bodies, blood and soft tissue storage sites.

When your liver gets overwhelmed by the onslaught of toxins in our 21st century environment, these toxins will be stuck circulating in the blood. This is very toxic and inflammatory to every tissue of the body.

" It is the same as if someone put poison into the water supply: every house in the village or town would become directly poisoned. Now imagine that each house represents your cells, and the water plumbing is your blood supply. You can see how poisons that remain in the blood can damage every single cell and tissue in the body. This is how alcohol poisoning occurs if the Liver cannot metabolize it properly. "

Your body is smart enough to get these poisons out of the blood stream as quickly as possible, and if your Liver is unable to filter these toxins out of the blood quickly enough, then your organ tissues, muscles, joints, and even brain tissues will act like sponges and store these toxins in a way that keeps them from circulating through the blood stream.

This system of storing or “bio-accumulating” environmental toxins in the fat cells and soft tissues of organs and muscles can work for quite a while to help reduce the ultimate poisoning of your vital systems such as your heart, brain, central nervous system. However, eventually this system of storing poisons in the soft tissues causes just as much damage to the body as the toxins circulating in your bloodstream. The point comes when you must help the situation by improving your ability to “chelate” or bind up these poisons and heavy metals with proteins such as Glutathione, Metallothioneine, Ferritins, Ceruloplasmin, and other metal and chemical chelating proteins.

This is what is known as Phase I Detoxification: binding up the toxins into a transportable form that can be sent to the Liver, Kidneys, Colon or sweat glands for removal.

This process of binding toxins may cause even more toxic exposure and stress to the body if Phase II Detoxification pathways are not equally supported. This is because while Phase I detoxification begins the process of removing toxins via the chelating of toxins, this leads to an influx of poisons entering the bloodstream, and this is like poisoning the water supply to every house, or cell, in your body.

Making certain that your Liver can purge these toxins readily via the Bile synthesis and release of bile from your Gallbladder, into the Small Intestines and Colon is imperative to make sure that these toxins do not continue to circulate in your blood and up to your brain, where they can lead to cognitive impairment, such as Dementia, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.


“ Bile synthesis in the Liver and the release of bile into the intestines is the essential Phase II detoxification that must be supported in order to fully eliminate poisons out of the blood.”

So, in order to help your body not become a sponge for the multitude of environmental toxins that are entering our bodies, you need to make sure that your Liver’s metabolism is working properly, so that your cell’s have enough Glutathione and other chelating proteins to bind up the toxins. Your liver also needs to be able to make adequate amounts of bile and release it properly through the gallbladder and out through the colon via your bowel movements.

Sounds simple enough, however there may be multiple things slowing down your overall cellular metabolic pathways that help the Liver in the productions of Bile:

·      Sympathetic nervous system ie “fight-or-flight” stress response

·      Poor nutrition: low vitamin, mineral, EFA’s and amino acid dietary intake or assimilation.

·      Adrenal Burnout

·      Autoimmune conditions

·      Low thyroid function

·      Blood glucose imbalances

·      Gut infections, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), Candida, Parasites

·      Old psychological traumas, head injuries, cerebral vascular damage or trauma

·      Chronic exposure to toxins via: water, air, food, household cleansers, pharmaceutical drugs, plastic bottles, aluminum cookware, cosmetics, flame retardants, fluoride, etc.

How Can We Help Our Liver to Eliminate Poisons, Pollution and Environmental Toxins?

We should always look at our Metabolic health, since this is how the Liver organ is able to process poisons and environmental toxins into a water-soluble form that can be eliminated now through the bile, colon, sweat and kidneys.

If the Liver is running very slowly, as a result of a general slow metabolism, then toxins and heavy metals and chemical poisons are more likely to remain stuck in your fatty tissues, and bio-accumulate inside of your cells, such as liver cells, skin, cells, brain cells, and reproductive tissues, such as breast tissues, ovaries, uterus, prostate, and testicles.

This is very important to understand how toxins can infiltrate our endocrine glands and disrupt our hormones, which can have devastating effects all over our body, and cause things like dementia, infertility, erectile dysfunction, PCOS, and breast and uterine cancers can all be due to environmental poisons, including Birth Control pills, Atrazine, Roundup, and various Dioxins, Pthalates, BPA and other plastic conditioners that get into our food and water supply from industrial agriculture, petrochemical refineries, paper refineries, soaps, dissolvents, fragrance consumer products, etc. etc.

We Are Inundated By Environmental Poisons in the 21st Century!

It is important to remember that our body's cells and tissues have been bio-accumulating these poisons and toxins for decades, and so we cannot simply eliminate all of these toxins all at once.

The process of helping the Liver and Cells to eliminate these environmental poisons can be very a toxic process, whereby our cells will literally dump these chemicals and heavy metals into our blood stream, where they may or may not be bound by chelating proteins like Glutathione or Metallothionein, and so the process of detoxing Environmental toxins should be done very carefully and judiciously, so as to prevent causing too strong of a Detox reaction, called a Herxheimer reaction.

If too many environmental toxins all start coming out of the tissues all at once, then our Liver organ and skin and intestines and Kidneys and brain and cardiovascular system can all become inflamed and poisoned by these toxins circulating around the whole body making all of your tissues sick and inflamed, which could be disastrous for many Autoimmune conditions such as Lupus, Rheumathoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

You can detox effectively even if you have these autoimmune conditions as environmental toxins are usually one of the main culprits to this chronic inflammatory immune response that attack the body's own tissues.

You just need to do it carefully and evaluate your antibody levels and symptoms and utilize as many means for effective toxin elimination as you can to expedite the complete release of these toxins totally out of the body, and not just have these toxins circulating around and around, making you sick.

Why Many Detox Programs Don't Work

As I just explained, you cannot simply do a Master Cleanse to clean out the Liver in a 7-day detox program.

Similarly, you cannot just use chelation drugs or similar Glutathione IV treatments and expect all of the toxins in your body to magically be carried out of your tissues.

Your cells need metabolic support to really accelerate the Liver's detoxification and metabolic pathways, so that your Liver can actually handle the influx of environmental toxins that will be pushed out of the tissues of your body, and so that your Liver does not get overwhelmed by too many toxins all at once.

You need to know how your cells are operating metabolically, and physiologically, and this can really only be properly understood by utilizing HTMA hair mineral analysis.

With this tissue sample, we can accurately understand the true effectiveness of your Thyroid hormones at the cellular level, and accurately assess your Mitochondrial metabolic systems, while also testing for the presence of toxic heavy metals, as well as your personal Stress Adaptation, and Stress tolerance indicators, which reveal the true strength and resilience of your Adrenal glands and nervous system.

The Vagus nerve must be engaged for proper Liver/Gall Bladder and Intestinal motility which is the primary elimination route for most environmental toxins. A complete nervous system evaluation along with your metabolic blueprint is essential for understanding the proper way to support your body and detoxification pathways, without causing too much stress to the body, and how to provide the right supportive nutrients in the right sequence and dosage amounts.