Addiction Treatments

Addiction treatments for drug addiction rehab and alcohol addiction treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach that helps to resolve the overall health of the individual. Underlying biochemical or psychological triggers that provoke the Addictive behavior, whether you are dealing with alcohol, caffeine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or pharmaceutical drugs like hydrocodone, vicodin, diazepam or Zoloft may need Nutritional support to help the mind and body to get over its compulsive use of a narcotic substance.

I provide holistic treatment options in Drug addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment, smoking, and other addictive behaviors. By assessing the body and treating addiction as a symptom of some underlying imbalance, rather than a disease that must be cut out or resolved directly, a more holistic approach to addiction recovery is provided.

Therapies I use in my practice for the treatment of Addiction include:

Addiction recovery can be a terribly painful and upsetting process, as we are forced to give up something that we feel we cannot live without. Many times we are seeking relief from some internal disharmony and by using some substance or activity, we are able to feel more at peace. We start to rely too heavily on this one thing to make us feel better, without truly addressing the underlying cause of our pain or anxiety.

The chronic use of many types of drugs and alcohol is usually associated with Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is a condition where our adrenal glands are unable to supply enough energy to perform all of the energy requiring metabolic processes which take place inside of our bodies and thus our body's ability to produce energy from food is severely diminished. We always struggle and so we need a kick start to help get us going in the morning or afternoon.

All drugs are stimulating to the Adrenals because they create a toxic reaction inside the Liver which draws its energy from the Adrenals. All toxins will create an Adrenal response which feels stimulating and gives us the illusion of having more energy than we really do. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin and other seemingly depressant type of substances are actually very stimulating to the Adrenal glands and therefore give us a sense of euphoria and energy, as our pain, anxiety, worries and agitation are forgotten.

The problem is that as our Adrenals become weakened more and more by the very substance that is causing us to be so tired, we crave it more and more, in order to provide that momentary relief from fatigue, pain or depression.

Depression is a major precursor to many types of addictions and is very commonly associated with Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroid and the biochemical imbalances that result from Adrenal fatigue, such as Copper toxicity Zinc and magnesium deficiencies, and low Serotonin levels due to low Zinc, B6, and L-Tryptophan can all cause depression, which will lead one to seek instant gratification from some activity or substance.

Low serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain will cause someone to feel depressed, confused, disoriented, and generally lousy. All of these neurotransmitters become depleted when the Adrenals become fatigued as well as with the effects of constant stress.

Stress comes in many forms, ranging from bad relationships, worrying about money, negative environment, internal stressors such as improper diet, lack of exercise, unfulfilled desires or ambitions can all be sources of stress. When stress creates a 'fight or flight' stress response, we become very anxious and tense as if our survival is being threatened. This type of stress response is very stimulating and draining on our Adrenal glands and wears down our Liver, Kidneys, and all of our internal organs are weakened and become dysfunctional with this chronic 'fight or flight' reaction.

Initially this stress response stimulates the production of adrenal hormones epinephrine, cortisol and aldosterone to raise blood sugar levels, increase sodium and Copper retention and eliminates Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium from the Kidneys because these are very calming minerals which are not needed in a 'fight or flight' type of situation. However over time, our adrenals become tired and are unable to produce adequate levels of hormones and we begin to slide into adrenal insufficiency. Even though we still have the same amount of stress, our body is unable to meet the demands of our lifestyle, job, relationships and so we seek out stimulants to keep us going, even though we are really exhausted.

Zinc and magnesium deficiencies due to chronic stress and poor diet will result in even more fatigue as we are unable to produce any proteins without Zinc.

This includes:

  • Digestive enzymes
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Binding proteins such as Ceruloplasmin and Metallothionine which enable trace minerals like Copper to get into the cells in the formation of ATP cellular energy.
  • Ceruloplasmin and Metallothionine are also necessary in the binding and detoxification of many toxic heavy metals.
  • Tissue regeneration and wound repairing proteins.

  • Magnesium is an essential mineral in maintaining heart health, and is necessary for over 300 different energy producing enzymatic pathways, and is very calming to the mind and nervous system, giving you a buffer against stress so that you are less reactionary.

    Drug and Alcohol addiction therapy need to be very effective since the toxic effects of drugs and alcohol are much more debilitating than the effects of say, a coffee addiction.

    However, the underlying causes of all addictions are similar, no matter what the substance or activity is.

    A compulsive pattern of behavior that is self-reinforcing and difficult or painful to stop, followed by a momentary elation and sense of euphoria.

    Many people who require Addiction recovery have feelings of anxiety, self loathing or depression that they wish to cover up with a substance or activity that can numb the sensations associated with these emotions. It is frequently common that there are underlying feelings of anger, fear, self doubt, or even extreme terror, driving individuals to self medicate themselves with drugs or alcohol.

    Certain individuals are in a lot of severe physical pain and therefore get hooked to their prescription pain killer medication. Prescription drug addiction is common since the drugs used to treat pain like Vicodin, Morphine, and Oxycodon are very addictive. These people may also develop an addiction to alcohol or marijuana since these may also provide temporary relief from their aches and pains.

    All of these substances have serious side effects and cause serious health problems if proper Addiction recovery protocols are not administered.

    In order to stop an addiction to a substance or activity, we have to resolve the underlying causes that drive a person to feel the constant desire for that certain substance. This means that we need to find out through differential diagnosis what the underlying imbalance is, so that we can then correct it.

Causes of Addictive Behavior include:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Mimicking the behavior of others, such as Parents or older siblings
  • Biochemical imbalances which causes severe agitation to the brain and Nervous system
  • Adrenal Burnout
  • Chronic stress
  • Each of these causative factors, requires a different type of Addiction Recovery treatment protocol. However, all addictions are rooted in a feeling of Agitation.

    Using a variety of different therapies, we can reeducate our minds and our nervous system to Relax and feel contentment with:

    • What we have.
    • Where we are.
    • Who we've become.
    • What we are doing.
    • How we feel.

    It is the unacceptance of these five things which causes us to seek out some form of numbing or gratifying behavior, to forget how we truly feel about ourselves and our place in the world.


    Everything can change.

    Be that change that you would like to see in the world.

    You are capable of anything.

    Although I can't just simply tell you to Relax or Meditate or Get over it, I can offer Nutritional therapies, Breathing Exercises, Stress Relief exercises, and Body-Mind Therapeutics that can help calm the nervous system out of the reactionary "Fight-or-Flight" sympathetic mode, and into the more calm and peaceful parasympathetic nervous system.

    These include:

    Some common signs of addictive behavior are:

    • Extreme moodiness and rage that are pacified by the consumption of certain foods or substances.
    • A tendency to be inconsiderate of others.
    • Paranoia and phobias. A lack of trust in other people.
    • Physical wasting away, loss of weight and social charisma.
    • An inability to let go of hostile feelings or thoughts. These negative attitudes then become an excuse to indulge in the substance that will always 'cheer us up'.

    Path of Power to Personal Freedom

    Releasing these negative thoughts and feelings can be easier than we may think. There is a system I give my patients that helps them to resolve any type of habitual or addictive behaviors, thoughts or feelings. I call this system "Path of Power to Personal Freedom" which is loosely based on the 12-step method.

    1. Accept fully that you have a problem which you need to have resolved. This is fundamental in recovering from any impulsive or habitual substance abuse or behavior. Without this acceptance and complete admittance that you need help, or that you truly want to change, you will continuously fail at your attempts to stop and transform whatever it is that you want to change. It is also very crucial that you get clear on what you need to change. This can be an attitude or belief that you have which generates certain emotional reactions and external desires to help cover up those uncomfortable feelings.
    2. Come to believe and accept that you can heal and change this belief or desire that is having a negative impact on your life. Believe in a higher spiritual aspect of your being, your Guardian Spirit Guide, that is always there trying to help lead you towards the light of your true original nature, and away from the darkness of your false beliefs, personas and attitudes. It is hard to believe in something that you cannot touch or see, so this may be difficult at first. However if you can just keep trying to sense your Guardian Spirit self through belief and humble acceptance, you should start to feel the presence of some higher purpose and intelligence connecting you to the divine realm of wondrous possibilities. As they say, "Keep the faith".
    3. Allow your Spirit Guardian or Higher Power to guide you away from your past habits, attitudes, and actions. Accept and abide by the higher principles that resonate with your true original nature and actively dissociate from your false nature. You must come to realize the higher potential that you already are. In order to help realize this exalted state of consciousness, sometimes we need inspiration. You may identify with various gods, deities, saints or personal heroes. If you are christian, you may align yourself with teachings of Jesus Christ. If you resonate more with Buddhism, align yourself with the virtues of Buddha. If you are Atheist, try to imagine the Universe as an intelligent power that you can draw upon for guidance. You may identify your Guardian Spirit with a tree or a lotus plant. Perhaps the virtues of a turtle or a Blue Whale resonate with you. It is entirely up to you to find out what your Guardian Spirit looks and feels like. This is all about your true original nature. Not my nature nor anyone else's. This is about empowering yourself with your own inherent virtues. Once you have identified what inspires you personally to evolve and grow, you must make a commitment to heed the guidance of your Guardian Spirit. You must humble yourself and allow some new guiding force to lead in a new direction. This should feel empowering. You have found your own Personal Path of Power that will lead you to growth and expand your awareness of your inherent virtues and powers. You have the power to overcome and resist any temptation because now you have found what truly gives you peace and joy.
    4. Assess the damage that has been done by your addiction or habitual behavior. In order to truly move forward and resolve our past tendencies, it is necessary to become fully aware of the detriment our addictive behaviors have caused both ourselves and those around us. With an open mind and a brave heart, we must think back through our life and see how our words and actions effected our lives and the people around us. Try to do this openly and without self judgment. Please remember that you were only acting as best as you knew how in that particular moment. We are always doing the best that we know how. We have been taught throughout our lives to think and act a certain way, and therefore we are always acting out of learned beliefs and ideas. This process of identifying the negative impact of those thoughts, beliefs and actions will help to empower us to truly desire to release these old negative tendencies. Again I stress not to judge or blame yourself so bad that you now want a drink or a smoke or a sweet or whatever it is that you use to numb these uncomfortable feelings. Try to just observe your past actions and reflect on how they effected you and your loved ones as you would observe the ocean waves crashing on the beach. Try not denying anything or focusing to strongly on any one thing. Look at it, understand it, and then let it go.
    5. Release old emotions like a snake sheds its skin. You may need to cry. Just let yourself cry. You are shedding away the hard exterior that has protected your true feelings up till now. You don't need it anymore. You now have the empowerment of your Guardian Spirit who is actively helping you in this process of self realization and transformation. Give entirely to this process. If you have ever felt unloved, feel the sorrow and let it out. Now feel the love that is radiating into your heart from your Guardian Spirit. Jesus loves you, Buddha loves you, your mother loves you, the Universe and everything in it loves you and wants you to feel joy and peace. We are all connected as one through this desire to be loved. If you are hurt, than some part of me is also hurt. We effect one another through the subconscious matrix of your psyche, our Guardian Spirit. Feel the love that is all around everyone of us. Underneath the false exterior of hostility and fear, there is love.

    Another exercise that helps tremendously at calming the nerves and reducing cravings for drugs, alcohol, and food cravings is  Emotional Freedom Technique.

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