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Hair Analysis or Hair Mineral Analysis is a lab test that can be used to assess Adrenal function, Thyroid activity, heavy metal testing and will identify your body's unique nutritional needs. The diagnostic information that a Hair analysis can provide about your Adrenal glands and your Metabolism can help to prescribe a NUTRITIONAL BALANCING supplement program and Heavy metal cleanse.

Nutritional Balancing is the method used to balance the Mineral ratios in the soft tissues, such as your hair, reflecting an improvement in your adrenal and thyroid hormone production and cellular metabolism, leading to an overall increase in energy and support to your liver in the elimination of toxins and Heavy Metals.

Hair Analysis is a lab test which measures the levels of 20 or so Minerals in the hair, including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Chromium, Phosphorous, Copper as well toxic heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt.

Hair mineral analysis represents the Mineral levels in the majority of the Soft tissues in your body, which includes your skin, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, connective tissue, internal organs such as your heart, kidneys, liver, brain, and also chronic elevated levels of heavy metals or minerals in the blood, that get excreted through your hair.

If there are mineral imbalances or heavy metals present in your hair test reading, then this represents about a 2 month period of metabolic activity, which will be found systemically through most your soft tissues. Hair analysis can give a very detailed understanding of the underlying causes for a huge number of chronic degenerative diseases such as:



"DR. Alex is amazing! He gave me my life back, and got me better! 

I had been battling adrenal fatigue from copper toxicity for 2 years. He truly healed me. He is an incredible healer! 

I had been to doctor after doctor over the years. I am just so happy I found him! Have faith, and trust in him. He will get you better if you follow what he says, and have patience."

- Keira Henninger

San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I've only been on his program 6 weeks and 90% of my symptoms are gone and the rest are diminishing!

It's amazing, and improving my health has given me confidence to go after other areas in my life that I'd previously been putting off. I've started exercising and pursuing goals that I couldn't before because I was simply too stressed out and tired all the time! 

I've never been this healthy, not even as a child. Thank you, Alex, for all of your expertise and wonderful help!"

- Plamena S.

Portland, OR

"He explained my hair analysis test throughly. And recommended the right herbs/supplements for my health issues. He is very patient and kind. I have been emailing him with all kinds of questions regarding the supplements/ diet/health and he always make sure to get back to me and answer all my questions. Thanks Alex!!"

- Kawal K.

Santa Clara, CA

"Alex is a wonderful influence in my life!  I found Alex on-line through his extensive informatively educating and treatment of health issues that have been hindering my life.  I have had a hair analysis, interpretation and consultation with Alex.  He is an absolute pleasure to communicate with, sincerely and patiently answering of my questions.  He takes his time in explaining what is going on with my body and what we will be doing to correct my health issues.  I have begun my nutritional, supplemental, balancing and detoxification program designed by Alex. I am feeling good and truly looking forward to continuing working with Alex.  Thank You Alex!!"

- Christina G.

Vieques, P.R.

What you Get with your Hair Analysis Test

1. Your Hair Analysis test comes with a 20 page detailed report and explanation of your Mineral graph reading, showing the electrolytes and heavy metal levels in your soft tissues, as it relates to your cellular metabolism, thyroid functioning, and Adrenal stress pattern.

2.  One 90 minute phone consultation with Alex Tuggle L.Ac. where he will explain the results in further detail and give you a precise and individualized method to treat the root cause of your health issues.

3.  A complete Diet and Supplement Protocol that will treat the root cause of your health problems.

Hair analysis, unlike blood tests which can change every minute (due to momentary changes in our mood, energy, food intake, etc.), is a solid record of your soft tissue mineral levels over a period of time. This allows us to see your metabolic blueprint at work over a period of months, giving us a much more accurate depiction of your Thyroid or Adrenal function, and reveal your underlying Metabolic rate: Fast or Slow Oxidizer.

When you test the blood, you are only analyzing what is in the blood stream at that given moment. The blood is highly regulated by your endocrine system to make sure it maintains a high degree of normalcy. The blood will not reveal a Heavy metal toxicity until it is very severe, since the blood must be protected from the harmful effects of these toxic heavy metals. These toxic heavy metals get stored deeper in the body such as muscles, internal organs, and the brain.

This intense regulatory system maintains the blood's ph levels, mineral levels and keeps the blood within a narrow range, even if your soft tissues are completely out of balance and full of toxic metals. Your soft tissues, such as your hair, is a better tissue to analyze in order to assess the true mineral composition of your body and find the stores of toxic heavy metals that get stored due to a weakening of our adrenals and Liver detoxification pathways.

What is needed is about 5 to 7 small cuttings from the back of the head in order to get an accurate mineral hair analysis. It takes about 10 days to get the ARL Hair analysis results back from the lab.

I use one of the most reputable ARL Hair Analysis labs (Analytical Research Labs) which was founded by Dr. Paul Eck. Dr. Paul Eck helped to pioneer this field of medicine back in the 1970's when he conducted years of research into the mechanisms that effect the mineral levels and ratios. Dr. Paul Eck found that Sodium and Potassium were relative to the Adrenal hormones Aldosterone and Cortisol, and therefore he could assess the stage of Stress a person was in.

In acute stress, Sodium and Potassium levels are very high, as in a "Fight-or-Flight" stress response that produces large amounts of Adrenal stress hormones.

In the Chronic stage of stress, the levels of Sodium and Potassium decline, due to a weakening of the adrenal glands from too much stress over a period of time.

In the exhaustion stage of stress, the levels of Sodium and Potassium become extremely low, and the ratio between Sodium and Potassium will also decline. This is considered Adrenal Burnout, when we find this on an ARL Hair analysis test.

Dr. Paul Eck devised a virtually unrecognized yet infallible system of interpreting the levels and ratios of the Minerals in the hair, as a way to evaluate the Adrenal function, Thyroid function, Sugar handling capabilities, and the body's ability to handle stress and toxins, such as heavy metals. He also found trends and relationships between different minerals themselves.

Such as the way Calcium and Magnesium levels will rise on a hair analysis chart at the same time that Sodium and Potassium levels decline, as in a Slow Oxidizer metabolism.

Dr. Paul Eck also founded the nutritional supplement company Endo-Met, in order to formulate Nutritional Balancing programs to correct the Hair and soft tissue mineral ratios, in order to effectively correct fast or slow oxidizing metabolic rates, increase Adrenal function and effectively help get people out of Adrenal Burnout.

As the Adrenal glands recover from fatigue and burnout, the body will naturally start to eliminate the heavy metals that have been stuck in the soft tissues, where no chelation therapy is able treat Heavy Metal toxicity. Chelation therapy can only draw out the Toxic Heavy Metals that are in free-form and unbound in the blood stream.

What's important to know about toxic heavy metals is that, the body will actually use these heavy metals as part of the structure of the tissues, if there is enough of a lack of the normal and preferred mineral for that function. If Zinc is lacking, then Cadmium is readily used in the walls of arteries. If there is not enough Bio-available Calcium, your body will start to use Lead to fill up the structure of the bones (which is very dangerous and hard to reverse).

>It is also important to note that the supplementation of one mineral like, say, Zinc will have effects on multiple other minerals in the body.

If you take Zinc supplements alone:

  • Sodium levels drop.
  • Copper levels also drop.
  • Toxic Heavy Metals will get displaced and so will enter the blood stream, causing a Heavy Metal Detoxification reaction, making you feel ill.

Many vegetarians cannot handle eating meat because animal protein contains high amounts of Zinc. This large supplementation of Zinc in a virtually Zinc free vegetarian diet will cause the body to dump large amounts of Lead, Mercury, Copper and so they feel ill every time they try to eat meat.

Also, the decline in their Sodium levels will make them feel very tired since a reduction in tissue Sodium levels represent a reduction in Adrenal activity. Taking Zinc alone can cause a lot of mild to serious side effects, even though almost everyone is rather Zinc deficient and needs Zinc supplementation.

Dr. Paul Eck's Nutritional Balancing Supplement formulas are specifically designed to address the overall Soft tissue Mineral pattern which is a complete diagnosis of your metabolic rate, your adrenal function, thyroid function, and presence of toxic heavy metals. Only by cross reading all of the mineral levels and ratios together can a correct and effective Nutritional Supplement therapy be administered.

For instance, most people who have Adrenal Burnout will tend to have an imbalance in their Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium levels and ratios. When we are 'stressed out' or over-worked, our adrenals have to secrete huge amounts of aldosterone, epinephrine and norepinephrine in order to power these 'stress reactions'. This can lead to a constant state of 'Fight or Flight'. This means that your sympathetic nervous system is stuck in overdrive. You are over-stimulated, causing your adrenals to become fatigued. This is shown by a reduction in your Sodium and Potassium levels found in your Hair Analysis chart. At the same time, Calcium and Magnesium readings will be higher but his means that they are leaving the body through the hair and other ways, and are actually Bio-unavailable.

When Sodium and Potassium are low, Calcium and Magnesium become 'Bio-unavailable'. Magnesium relaxes the muscles while Calcium is needed for muscle contraction. An imbalance in these can cause chronic muscle spasms and muscle cramps. Your body begins to take the Calcium out of your bones in order to power your muscle contractions necessary for a 'fight or flight' response thinking that there isn't enough. This can lead to Osteoporosis since all of your Calcium is being taken out the bones to help buffer against stress.

When your body is constantly pulling Calcium out of the bones and tissues to buffer against stress, we call this a 'Calcium shell'. A 'Calcium Shell' makes you numb to everything around you. You become emotionally dead. You just can't handle the stress of feeling anything anymore.

This is common among individuals with a lot of stress or people who over-extend themselves, such as Type 'A' personalities. Once you get locked into a 'Calcium shell', what you really need is rest. After sufficient rest and proper nutritional support, the Adrenal glands can recover and your ability to handle stress will also improve.

In order to raise your Sodium and Potassium levels (which indicates the healthy functioning of your Adrenals), your entire chart of about 20 different minerals has to be taken into account. You should not simply raise your intake of dietary Sodium and Potassium. There are many different vitamins and minerals that can be used to raise or lower Sodium and Potassium, each one with unique effects on all other minerals in the body.

  • Manganese - raises Sodium, lowers Copper
  • Chromium - Raises Sodium, increases sugar metabolism
  • Zinc - Raises Potassium,lowers Sodium and Copper
  • Copper - Raises Sodium and Calcium, lowers Potassium and Zinc
  • Iron - Raises Sodium, lowers Chromium
  • Molybdenum - Raises Sodium, lowers Copper
  • Potassium - Raises Sodium, lowers Magnesium and Calcium

It requires an experienced practitioner with a complete understanding of what is causing the minerals to display the way they appear on the Hair Mineral Analysis in order to correct a soft tissue mineral imbalance, and just taking supplements from the health food store may actually do you more harm than good.

Dr. Paul Eck, founder of ARL - Analytical Research Labs, and one of the pioneers of Hair analysis testing, has formulated special specific supplement programs for each unique hair analysis chart.

These supplement programs are extremely effective at regulating soft tissue mineral levels and ratios and boosting adrenal and thyroid activity which then enables your body to rid itself of Toxic Heavy Metals such as Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, and more. These Heavy Metals can cause a host of chronic illness and mental disorders. Boosting the Adrenal glands and ridding the body of toxic heavy metals can undo many years of suffering and fatigue.



To your order your HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS and consultation, please go to my Contact Page and fill out my contact form. Request the Hair Analysis test in the 'Leave a message' area. I will send you a Hair Analysis Kit with instructions and then you will send it back to me. You should get your Hair Mineral Analysis Chart in the mail within a couple weeks.

Any supplements that you are currently taking will need to be assessed to determine if they will be beneficial or contradictory to the Nutritional Balancing program. Any additions will alter the effects of the Nutritional balancing program, and may possibly slow down the healing process.

You could feel the effects in the first week or month as your Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium levels become regulated and balanced to normal levels.

You should start to feel your energy improve and your mind settling down as your Mineral levels become more balanced and bio-avalailable to your metabolic pathways.

Everyone heals at their own pace and some are so exhausted and stressed out that it could take months or even years to fully reverse the damages brought about by chronic stress and Adrenal insufficiency.

" I've only been on his program 6 weeks and 90% of my symptoms are gone and the rest are diminishing! It's amazing, and improving my health has given me confidence to go after other areas in my life that I'd previously been putting off. I've started exercising and pursuing goals that I couldn't before because I was simply too stressed out and tired all the time! I've never been this healthy, not even as a child. Thank you, Alex, for all of your expertise and wonderful help!"

- Plamena S. - McMinnville, OR

" Alex is extremely diligent and takes great care in really understanding his clients before prescribing an action plan. He is an expert in nutrition and supplementation who really cares about the well being of his clients. I will definitely continue to work with Alex. "

- Pete P., Chicago, IL

" Alex has been treating me for a couple of years now using hair mineral analysis, nutritional balancing, acupuncture and herbs. I have seen great results working with Alex! My allergies are almost 100% gone, and I feel the healthier now than I ever have as an adult. Alex is extremely knowledgeable and patient, and willing to explain everything that he is doing to treat me so I feel comfortable and empowered.

- Lorien HW, Palo Alto, CA

" Alex has done wonders since I have been receiving services from him this past year and is by far the best acupuncturist and primary health care provider I have ever come across!

" I originally came to Alex to perform a hair analysis test as I was constantly feeling exhausted and I had visited many doctors throughout the past few years where I didn't feel as though I was getting the answers I needed. When my hair analysis results came back I was shocked, Alex walked step by step through my results helping me to understand how my adrenals are functioning and the level of heavy metals in my system amongst various other findings - adrenal exhaustion and thyroid problems is what was causing the imbalance in my body, It was extremely insightful to learn how my body was currently functioning and ways in which I could get back to a healthy stage without taking drugs that had negative side effects. "

- Michaela W., San Francisco, CA

"Alex's combination of knowledge about Chinese medicine mixed with his knowledge of modern/ western medicine. He could explain concepts of complementary medicines in modern medical terms. I prefer to understand thoroughly what or why the treatments are working. And, the work was all very helpful. I ended up trying a hair analysis as well, which provided a lot of helpful information that unlocked some root causes that led to where I feel so much more balanced now and able to get back in balance on my own if things go array because I understand what's going on."

- Christie O., San Francisco, CA


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