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Detoxification supplement are increasingly necessary part of our health in our modern age since so many of us have been accumulating toxins inside of our bodies as the result of environmental pollution. These toxins include toxic heavy metals, estrogen mimicking chemicals such as BPA and phthalates from plastic bottles, herbicides and pesticides, radioactive Cesium 137, Aluminum sprayed in our atmosphere in Chem trails, as well as countless other toxic man-made substances that lead to degenerative conditions.

There are multiple methods you can employ to facilitate better detoxification of the environmental pollution that gets stuck in our body. It is indeed recommended to use a combination of natural body detoxification methods to get the very best results, with the least amount of detox symptoms. Liver detoxification symptoms can be very unpleasant as a result of detoxing too much at once without a proper Detoxification plan.

Liver Detoxification Supplements

Liver detoxification supplements include sulfur containing amino acids, N-Acetyl Cysteine liver detoxification herbs, glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, milk thistle and many more. The key to proper Liver detoxification is understanding and knowing what the right detoxification plan is for you and your individual needs.

Many detoxification supplement online contain herbs such as Milk thistle, Dandelion, N-Acetyl Cysteine, as well as other liver detoxification herbs such as bupleurum, scutellaria, yellow dock, jerusalem artichoke, and turmeric.

All of these are good choices in some respects, but may not be able to address all of your natural body detoxification needs. It is best to be well informed as to why you would pick liver detoxification herbs over another natural detoxification treatment, and instead of just buying random supplements, really develop a comprehensive detoxification plan that can give you lasting results.

Detoxification of Heavy Metals

Detoxification of Heavy metals such as a Mercury detox is a major concern to people living in industrialized nations since heavy metals are byproducts of most all industrial practices, including:

  • Coal burning power plants - Mercury, Cadmium, Lead
  • Metal manufacturing - Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Nickel
  • Car exhaust - Cadmium, Lead, Mercury
  • Municipal water facilities - Aluminum, Copper

There are many other sources of Lead (old paint, water pipes, soldering), Cadmium (cigarette smoke), Mercury Mercury (large ocean fish, thimerosol containing vaccinations and dental amalgums), Arsenic, Copper (hot water pipes, vegetarian diet), Aluminum (anti-perspirant, baked goods, tap water), Nickel,and other radioactive metals that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

The trouble with heavy metals as opposed to organic compounds (carbon based chemicals) is that heavy metals cannot break down, since they are in their single molecule form that cannot be broken down to any smaller unit. These heavy metals do not biodegrade or transform to less dangerous substances.

They simply remain in the environment and get leached into our soil where we grow our food, and into our water supply where they enter the food chain such as fish, and "bio-accumulate" meaning that as larger animals prey on the smaller animals, the heavy metals build up in greater and greater quantities, since most of these heavy metals get stored in fatty tissues such as the Liver, Kidneys, Brain, Thyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries, Testes, and connective tissues.

Environmental pollution such as Toxic Heavy Metals can disrupt our Endocrine system, create inflammatory immune responses, giving rise to autoimmune and other chronic health conditions.

Have you ever heard the phrase "He's as mad as a hatter"? In the story 'Alice in Wonderland' the Mad Hatter character is a great representation of psychological dementia that was characteristic of many of the hat-makers when Mercury was used in the felt production of hats, back in the late 1800's.

Mercury and other toxic metals are still being used in the manufacturing of most of our industrialized goods, such as electronics, cookware, cars, petroleum and car products, makeup, prescription medicine, and even felt tip pens may contain heavy metals. Doing a Mercury detox is almost essential to anyone with Dental fillings in their teeth as these contain up to 50% mercury along with Silver.

A lot of our Environmental pollution exposure comes from the air that we breathe, the unfiltered tap water that we drink, and the Ocean fish that we consume. Along with having your Mercury fillings removed by a trained dentist who specializes in removing Mercury fillings, you should also buy a Reverse osmosis water filter for your drinking and cooking water, get a HEPA air filter for your home, car and office, and stop eating large ocean fish such as Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish, and Shark. These measures would be a major part of your Mercury Detox plan

This does nothing however to help your body to eliminate the toxic Mercury and other heavy metals that you have already bio-accumulated into your soft tissues over your lifetime. In fact, most of us are born with a certain amount of Mercury and toxic heavy metals, passed on to us by our pregnant mothers while we were still in the womb. Environmental pollution and Mercury can pass directly through the placenta and into the unborn baby while the fetus is still developing.

Nutritional deficiencies in Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Vitamin C, B Vitamins and N-Acetyl Cysteine will all decrease our body's ability to bind to these heavy metals. Metal binding proteins Metallothionein and Glutathione levels will decline in production and cause the build up of heavy metals and other toxins to be perpetuated at an even greater rate. Detoxification of heavy metals require the use of supplements that contain these nutrients in order to provide the Liver the tools it needs to produce these powerful heavy metal detoxification proteins Metallothionein and Glutathione.

Natural Body Detoxification with Hair Mineral Analysis

Any natural body detoxification protocol should begin with a Hair Mineral Analysis. Hair Analysis is a very accurate method of detecting Mercury inside the body. It is also the very best method for assessing the systemic effects that Mercury and other toxic heavy metals may be causing your Adrenal glands, Thyroid, Liver and Metabolic pathways.

Mercury, Copper, Cadmium and many other heavy metals displace Zinc in binding sites of enzymes that are responsible for the production hormones, neurotransmitters, insulin, digestive enzymes, testosterone and sperm follicle development, giving rise to lowered fertility, autism, poor memory and ADD in modern populations. Zinc is also necessary for producing the natural body detoxification protein, METALLOTHIONEIN, which binds to all of the Toxic heavy metals, so that the Liver can excrete them through the bile

Hair Mineral Analysis is an accurate method of developing a very powerful instrument for whole body detoxification known as a NUTRITIONAL BALANCING PROGRAM. A careful Hair Mineral Analysis interpretation will reveal your body's natural detoxification nutritional needs, and will give you a specific detoxification supplement online program in order to fix your metabolism, support your adrenals, thyroid, and liver and aid the body in heavy metal detoxification. By using natural nutritional supplementation of Vitamins, minerals, adrenal glandulars, in a specific ratio and dosage will enable your soft tissues to release the toxic heavy metals, replacing them with Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and other essential minerals, while supporting your liver and kidneys in eliminating them completely from the body.

Coffee enema for Liver Detoxification

Coffee enema for Liver detoxification can also help to eliminate heavy metals through the bile and is an excellent adjunctive heavy metal detoxification therapy to a detoxification supplement online program.

Pesticides and Xeno-Estrogens

Pesticides and herbicides have been found in drinking water as well as fresh water and ocean fish, therefore I do not consume fish with much frequency. These pesticides and herbicides such as Atrazine, Glycophosate (Roundup), turn on the enzyme "Aromatase" which converts Testosterone into Estrogen. These chemicals mimic estrogen in this way and can contribute to many Hormone dependent cancers, stroke, fibroid tumors, PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian syndrome) and can lead to alzheimer's, dementia, anxiety, and Depression.

Increased estrogen in the body will increase Copper Toxicity since the hormone estrogen increases Copper, Sodium, and water retention, leading to insomnia, anxiety, cysts, breast cancer, and neurological imbalances such as PMS, hostility, phobias, bipolar disorders, and even schizophrenia.

Detoxification supplement online programs can help to eliminate the toxic heavy metals and toxic estrogen mimicking chemicals which are at the root of all of these neurological conditions and hormone imbalances that block natural body detoxification pathways in the Liver and cellular metabolic enzymes from working properly.

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