Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of healing from China and is related to many other traditional forms of energy healing. It is very powerful at unlocking blockages in our body and mind to help us recover from a variety of ailments.

Medical Qi gong is grounded in the fact that light energy can be conducted from the Qigong practitioner, using special Medical Qi gong breathing exercises, into the patient to promote healing and mind body awareness.

For a clinical study on the effects of Medical Qi gong, follow this link:

Medical Qigong

As you can see in the picture above, a qualified Medical Qi gong practitioner has very strong energetic roots that supply him or her with enough grounding energy to be able to visualize and project energy without hurting themselves. This usually takes much training and practice to harness since most people tend to have fairly weak roots, or Earth-energy connection.

Once you have grown a strong connection with the Earthly Yin energy, you are now able to connect with Star energy by visualizing white or golden light with your 'Third Eye point' in your forehead. You are now able to conduct and circulate this bright light energy, by using your breath and visualization techniques, through your body, out your palms, into the patient.

This meditation can be used together with any other healing modality, such as acupuncture, massage, stretching, standing meditation, abdominal massage. Really, the application of Medical Qigong is vast. It is the special complement that allows any other healing technique to work much stronger, deeper, and faster.

Medical Qi gong is the key to truly overcoming chronic conditions such as pain, muscle tension, inner emotional conflicts, poor digestion, chronic fatigue, depression. This little technique is capable of transforming cancer and liver cirrhosis into merely energetic imbalances that can be resolved through meditation and relaxation.