Awakening Spiritual Awareness Exercise

'Awakening Spiritual Awareness Exercise' can quickly cause an awakening of Spiritual awareness, as well as awareness of subtle energy running through the body. By opening our Third Eye Chakra point, our awareness of energy and tension in our bodies and outside our bodies, can grow immensely.

By opening your Third Eye chakra, you allow your Divine Spirit to enter your mind, body and consciousness, elevating your awareness of subtle details in your surroundings, subtle energy, and also allows your body to release bound up tension that you have been carrying around for so long.

Spiritual Awakening Exercise to Open the Third Eye

  • It is best to do this exercise lying down horizontally and in a comfortable place like a bed.
  • If down in the evening, this exercise may cause insomnia since it brings a lot of energy into the mind. Therefore it is best to do this spiritual awareness exercise in the morning or afternoon.

  1. Now, lying on your back, just relax, slow down your breathing.
  2. Now become conscious of your jaw muscles. At the same time try to focus on the point between your eyebrows.
  3. Now, I am asking you to feel a natural desire to look up into your browline. At the same time, open your jaw, so that your mouth is open.
  4. Try not to force any of these movements. They should feel natural, as if you are following the force of gravity.
  5. Now exhale all of the contents of your lungs so that your lungs are completely empty.
    • Hold this position.
    • Eyes staring up into your forehead.
    • Jaw is open, as if to stretch your mouth open as far as it can go without straining.
    • Body is completely relaxed and limp. You should let go of any muscle tension that you are holding. This exercise will instantly make it easier to feel how you are holding onto tension and how to release it with your new found awareness.
    • You may breathe in gently, but always hold your breath out after you exhale all of the air out of your lungs, so that they completely deflate. You will find that with practice, you won't need to breathe quite so much or so quickly.

Holding the breath on the exhale instantly relaxes the nervous system and releases muscular tension.

  • Continue to keep your jaws open wide, like a stretch.
  • Keep your eyes looking up into the forehead. You should begin to see energy accumulating in your browline and forehead. This is good. You are opening your Third Eye Chakra which will cause an awakening of spiritual awareness.

You may choose to end this exercise at any time by closing the jaw, closing your eyes, and breathing naturally. Stay like this for at least one more minute before getting up.

Try to practice this for at least 5 minutes every day to Awaken Spiritual awareness and manifest a complete opening of the Third Eye.

You should feel the effects immediately:

  • More awake
  • Clearer and sharper vision or eyesight
  • Recall of old memories that hold meaning for you
  • Clearer awareness of the present moment, with less feelings of agitation or stress.
  • Feeling more livelier and energized

Again, I must stress that doing this exercise at night will definitely cause trouble falling asleep. To counterbalance the effects of this exercise bringing so much energy to the head, it is recommended to rub the soles of your feet after you finish with the exercise.

Discontinue this exercise if you start to feel dizzy, get a headache, too many racing thoughts, or excessive mental agitation.

If any of these conditions occur, you must massage your feet by pressing very hard and deeply into the soles of your feet. This will ground the energy out of your head. You will need to go more slowly with this exercise and perhaps develop your Lower Dan Tian and Kidney Qi.

You can find a meditation for developing your 'Lower Dan Tian' here:

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