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Harmonizing Heaven and Earth Meditation

This following meditation is designed to unite Yin and Yang energy together to allow for a stronger mind and body connection.

The mind is Yang and therefore this energy tends to rise up to the head. The body is Yin and this energy tends descend into the feet. These energies therefore tend to separate from another.

Yin and Yang energy must always remain well connected to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. If they separate completely, this is signified by a person's death.

This meditation can be done sitting, standing in Wuji stance , or lying down. Beginner's should start with the lying down position to allow for a stronger connection between the Yin and Yang, or Body and Mind.

1. Slow down your breathing.

  • Breathe deeply through your nose into your lower abdomen, making sure that your lower abdomen expands with each inhale, and contracts gently with each exhale.

  • Continue this for several seconds in order to calm the mind and connect with the breath.

2. Focus on Ren 4 (guan yuan), your 'Lower Dan Tian'

  • This point is about 3 inches below your umbilicus on the midline of your lower abdomen.

  • As you focus on this point, breathing deeply, visualize complete darkness, as if you are at the bottom of the sea, covered by dark and heavy water energy.

  • Make sure to keep focusing on your 'Lower Dan Tian' as you visualize this darkness.

3. Sink down into the darkness.

  • After at least a minute of focusing on this dark water energy, imagine that you are being pulled down by your feet by a huge weight, like an anchor, dragging your feet deeper into the darkness.

  • You are connecting your feet all the way to the center of the Earth.

4. Connecting with the Earth.

  • When you feel like you've hit the bottom, Inhale up from the Earth into the soles of your feet, dark, heavy, slow moving energy.

  • Exhale this energy back down into the darkness below your feet.

  • Repeat this several times, Inhaling up from the darkness into your feet, dark, heavy, slow energy, and then Exhale back down into the darkness.

5. Bring the Yin into your legs.

  • After a strong energetic connection between your feet and the dark void below has been built, start Inhaling this dark energy up the inside of your lower legs to your knees.

  • Exhale back down through the soles of your feet into the darkness below.

  • Repeat this until your lower legs feel heavy and dense with energy.

6. Bring the Yin into your 'Lower Dan Tian'.

  • Now Inhale this dark, heavy, slow energy up the inside or medial part of your legs, your inner thighs, through your genitals to your 'Lower Dan Tian' or that Ren 4 (Guan Yuan) point from before.

  • Exhale back down through your inner legs and soles of your feet into the darkness below.

  • Repeat this process several times until your whole lower body feels heavy and dense with dark energy.

7. Connect your Heart and Kidneys.

  • After your whole lower body feels completely covered by this dark and heavy energy, Inhale it up from below your feet, up your inner legs, through the midline of your lower abdomen all the way up to the center of your chest.

  • Your Heart Chakra.

  • Exhale this dark heavy energy, from your chest, out your arms, through the point in the center of your palms (Pericardium 8, Lao Gong).

  • Allow this dark heavy energy to descend down the sides of your body, back to below the soles of your feet.

  • Repeat this cycle of Inhaling the dark Yin energy up to your Heart Chakra, and then Exhaling it out of your palms back down to below your feet.

  • This connects the heavy Yin Water energy of your Kidneys to the Yang Fire of your Heart, and then back again to your Kidneys which dominate the soles of your feet.

  • After your entire body feels heavy with this dark Yin energy, Exhale one last time from your Heart Chakra, out your palms to your feet.

8. Connecting Heaven and Earth.

  • Now Inhale from the top-most point of your scalp (your Crown Chakra aka, Du 20, Bai Hui) White Light energy from the top of your head, down the front of your body into your 'Lower Dan Tian'.

  • Exhale this White Light energy down from your lower abdomen, through your inner legs and out the sole of your feet.

  • This connects the white light energy with the dark, heavy energy below your feet.

  • Continue Inhaling white light energy from above your Crown Chakra down to your 'Lower Dan Tian', and then Exhaling it down your legs through your feet, mixing the light and the dark.

  • Do this until you feel like there is a good balance of light and dark energy below your feet.

9. Building your Shell.

  • Now Inhale this mixture of light and dark, fast and slow, dense and ethereal energy up from below your feet, up your inner legs, up your midline to your Heart Chakra.

  • Exhale this light-dark energy down your arms and out your palms.

  • When you exhale this mixed energy out of your palms, you should feel it scatter and cover the entire surface of your body like a fabric of energy.

  • Continue Inhaling up this Yin-Yang energy up from below your feet to your Heart Chakra, and then Exhaling it out your palms to cover your entire body.

  • Each time you do this, you should feel the energy field covering you growing thicker and getting stronger.

  • This strengthens your Defensive 'Wei' Qi which translates into English as your immune system and resistance to external pathogenic Qi.

  • It also improves circulation into your peripheral micro-circulatory system of your capillaries, and warms the muscles, nourishing your Luo-Connecting Qi meridians.

  • After you feel like your 'Energy Shell' is strong, Exhale one last time out of your palms to cover your entire body.

10. Harmonizing the Ren and Du channels. Filling the 'Three Dan Tian'

  • Now Inhale from your feet up the backs of your legs, up your back and spine to the top of your head to the 'Crown Chakra' (Du 20, Bai Hui), feeling both the light and dark energy together.

  • Exhale down to your 'Third Eye' point in the center of your forehead.

  • Inhale into your 'Third Eye', and then Exhale down through your mouth and throat to your Heart Chakra.

  • Inhale into your Heart Chakra, letting the energy expand to cover your whole chest.

  • Exhale down the sides of your ribs as well as your midline, letting go of all Negative Emotions that you may have stored in your chest area.

  • Allow this energy to collect back into the 'Lower Dan Tian' as you continue to inhale and exhale deeply, all the while focusing on your lower abdomen.

  • Continue focusing your attention and your breath on your Lower Dan Tian until you feel a condensation of energy collect in your lower abdomen.

You may now end your meditation.