Qi is the Basic Unit of all Life and Matter

Qi. Prana. Electrons, protons and neutrons. Prana is sanskrit for 'breath of life'. Qi is the Chinese word for the energetic composition of the Universe. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are the building blocks of all of the elements in the Periodic table which are thought to be the building blocks of all matter in the Universe.

These three separate concepts of reality are actually all describing the same phenomenon, just with a different focus due to their unique idea of how the world works.

Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophers believed that everything in the universe is composed of, penetrated by, and connected by Qi. Qi is the basic medium for all physical form and function in the universe.

Physical objects and life forms are just condensed forms of Qi, while gases and air and energy are less dense forms of Qi.

Einstein came up with an equation that describes this phenomenon precisely :

E = MC2

This equation states that all matter (M) is a form of energy (E).

Without wood, there would be no fire. The application of intense heat to the block of wood allows the energy or Qi to be extracted from it in the form of light and heat which is dispersed into the air with smoke, leaving behind the empty husk of ash which is now depleted of most of its Qi or carbon and hydrogen.

So Qi is both visible in the form of matter, and invisible in the form of energy. We have come to believe in all sorts of things that are invisible to the human eye such as radio waves, microwaves, wireless internet, the stuff that makes your remote control work. So why not believe that there is this energy that runs through your body with your blood, sweat and tears that keeps everything flowing and functioning properly.

Qi is ATP

There is a compound in the body discovered by Biochemists which they call ATP or adenosine triphosphate. It is considered to be cellular energy or the cells' ability to carry out all of its daily functions.

ATP is believed to be made in the Kreb's cycle which is the process by which glucose or sugar is converted into energy. The Kreb's cycle is said to take place in the Mitochondria of each of our billion's of cells in our body. Mitochondria are actually individual from us as they have their own DNA and do their own self replication. These Mitochondria have joined symbiotically with us to provide us energy or Qi in return for a place to live and food.

This is the Western scientific view of the world. A very analytical, specific, chemical view of life and the universe. It is amazing what Western science has discovered through technology and deductive reasoning.

However I feel that they might not be able to see everything with there technological devices and therefore misunderstand certain basic concepts of reality. Like, how does one's environment effect one's state of well being or dis-ease. How is it that our thoughts can effect the structure of drinking water as shown by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his photographs of water crystals.

Our feelings and thoughts effect our physical body and the energy in the air that surrounds us. When we focus on negative and depressing things, this effects the people around us negatively as well. This is the interconnectedness that the ancient Taoists spoke of.

All thoughts, emotions, dreams and actions resonate outwardly into our surroundings and then a corresponding energy is reflected back to us to help us see ourselves more clearly. All of these thought and emotional frequencies are forms of Qi.

How to heal with Qi

Since Qi is the energetic flow of chemicals, nutrients, emotions, thoughts and consciousness, if we can become aware of its subtle vibration in our bodies and in our environment, we can learn to harmonize our own energy with our surroundings to reduce stress and anxiety, which will in turn promote health and wellness.

"When Qi stagnates, disease will arise."

Qi must always remain flowing. Never stopping or binding. This will cause poor circulation, high blood pressure, pain, and muscle tension. Chronic Qi stagnation can lead to even more serious diseases such as Liver diseases, Irritable Bowel syndrome, cancer, fibromyalgia, and on and on.

That is why we must always keep our bodily Qi flowing. There are simple Qi Gong exercises that are designed to keep our Qi flowing smoothly, therefore our health and vitality improves accordingly.

After some practice (weekly practice for several months to a year) your body will feel much lighter and looser because your Qi is now flowing smoothly through all of your muscles, ligaments, organs and bones. Stress just washes away with the natural flow of Qi.

Your senses will become heightened. You might sense the subtle energy of your environment more vividly, as in Feng Shui, which is the Ancient Taoist art of aligning your house and living space according to the principles of nature. To be more specific, Feng Shui is the alignment of your living space with the Taoist theories of the Five Elements.

Most people probably are unable to even notice the difference between alignment and misalignment, however it has been shown that Feng Shui increases the health and prosperity of the patrons of these arts.

How can Qi be emitted from a Medical Qi Gong practitioner to a patient?

After much practice, one who practices Qi Gong will be able to use his or her awareness of subtle energy to connect with the Qi of their patient. Then through focused concentration, the practitioner is able emit Qi through their palms and fingers into the patient's body or be able to take diseased Qi out of the body. Diseased Qi can refer to old traumatic memories, negative emotions or beliefs, cancer cells and other internal diseases etc.

The German physicist Marco Bischof has detected and measured biophotons which are emitted from every living cell of every plant, human and animal.

'Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum - in other words: light. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment developed by German researchers.'

This light energy or biophotons are another expression of Qi. A practiced Medical Qi Gong practitioner is able to focus this light energy with their inner visualization and their sensitivity to this subtle biophoton energy and then use it to effect the biophoton energy of the patient, which in turn effects the blood, muscles, interstitial fluids, cerebrospinal fluids, and the cognitive awareness of the patient.

Along with Qi, a well trained Medical Qi Gong practitioner is also able to emit Shen into the patient. Shen is the Chinese word for consciousness, spirit, mind, intelligence. Shen is the power of the intelligent alignment of your DNA. DNA is composed of six different amino acids, or three pairs of amino acids. DNA is the blueprint for every single protein, or cell part in your body. Shen is the intelligence that keeps your DNA in correct order. Shen is also your cognitive awareness, your senses, intelligence, and other various powers of the mind.

Traditionally, the Shen is said to be stored in the Heart, rather than the Brain. This makes the Heart chakra point in the center of your chest a very important point for recovering from emotional or physical traumas. When the Shen is healed, the disease in the body will be healed by your own body's self healing mechanisms. The Shen will put the Qi in order, which in turn puts the blood and tissues in correct order. Qi is the communication vessel between the Shen and the physical body, also referred to as Jing.

Jing is the heaviest and densest of all matter in your body. It is really just very dense Qi, but comprises and is the building material for all of your physical form. Jing is stored in the Kidneys of your lower back, the bone, the teeth, spinal cord and the brain. It is the base material from which blood and body fluids are made from. This coincides with the medical fact that all blood cells are made in the bone marrow. These bone marrow cells are called stem cells which can turn into any type of cell in the body, as in the controversial 'Stem Cell research'.

Shen is the lightest and most ethereal of substance in your being. It is like your spirit consciousness. It is the guiding light, like the Sun.

Jing is the roots of the tree and the earth, giving life to the branches and leaves above ground. Jing is stored in darkness. We must conserve our Jing in order to live a long and healthy life. Jing is symbolized by the tortoise. In order to preserve energy, it moves very slow and hides inside of its shell, in the darkness, without light or sound. Complete Yin darkness.

Shen is complete Yang light.

We must have balance between our Yin Jing and our Yang Shen to maintain health. There can be no Yang Shen without Yin Jing since the Jing is the substance which is transformed from Jing to blood to Qi and finally into Shen. The Shen is the intelligence which guides all of these transformations and allows more Jing to be formed. So Shen and Jing are really inseparable, just like light and dark, hot and cold, Yin and Yang.