Liver Pain Relief Exercises

The following exercises are part of the 'Qigong Warmups'. These simple tapping exercises help to relieve congestion, promote circulation, relieve Liver Qi stagnation, accelerate Liver detoxification, thereby reducing liver pain and stress.


Start by tapping your right hand as a loose fist, gently yet firmly directly into your left armpit. This tends to be very tender so start gently and build the force as you adjust to the sensations. This stimulates the heart and lymph glands and ducts, promoting flow of blood, lymph and nerve conduction to all of your internal organs.

Also tap all around the armpit area, in front of it, below it and behind it. Then after at least one minute of tapping in and around the armpit, tap straight down from the armpit, across the rib cage and down to the side of your abdomen right in front of the hip bone to the midline in your lower abdomen.

Tap gently directly up the midline from your lower abdomen up through the center of your chest, tapping on the sternum, across your left clavicle to your left shoulder. Tap down the lateral or outside aspect of your left arm to your hand. Rotate your left arm so that you are now tapping on the palm of your left hand. Tap up the medial or inner aspect of your left arm back to the very top of your left shoulder. Tap on this tight and sensitive point on the very top of your left shoulder for aboout 15 to 20 seconds.

Now repeat everything on your right side, using your left fist. Be very careful as you tap across your ribs on the right since this is directly over the Liver.

Spinning Drum Exercise


Twist your hips, left and right, allowing your arms to swing loosely from side to side. Your hands should be loose fists that land on the midline of the front and just to the side of the spine in the back as you twist your hips left and right.

Start by tapping your fists right above the pubic bone and lower abdomen in the front, and on the sacrum and lower lumbar area of the back. Then slowly start tapping higher up the midline of the front and back.

As your hands tap higher on the midline, you may also tap on the ribs, underneath your breasts or chest muscles. These relieves congestion in the Liver and Spleen.

Keep ascending higher and higher with your tapping as you continue to twist your hips back and forth. Your arms should be completely loose.

Your hips and upper body should now twist enough so that your loose fists can land on the very top point of your shoulders, breaking up the tension in these muscles. At the same time, you fist is tapping even higher up on your back, about the mid thoracic area, between your shoulder blades.

Now slowly allow your arms and fists to tap back down form your shoulders, the sides of your chest, the sides of the ribs, the abdomen back down to your lower abdomen. Slow your twisting to a stop.