Jing : Your Adrenals and Kidney Essence

'Jing' is the Chinese description of the deepest core of your physical being. It is the foundation, the base material from which every cell in your body is derived from. It is very dense and heavy and nourishes the bone, teeth, brain, blood and body fluids. It is the basis for all of the Yin (and therefore Yang) in the body.

You are born with a set amount of Jing that you receive your parents' Jing. This Jing is protected and nourished by the food that you eat while you are growing up. The more nutritious the food, the stronger your Jing will be when you get older.

Jing is said to be stored and maintained in your Kidneys which makes the Kidneys and the Kidney acupuncture meridian very important in maintaining health and vitality throughout our life.

The Kidneys are located in the mid to lower back but they also control the bone and the entire lower half of the body. If you have ankle or knee pain or weakness, this means that your Kidneys and your adrenals are fatigued.

The Chinese concept of the Kidneys include all of the functions of the adrenal glands as well as that of the Kidneys. If you have been diagnosed by your doctor as being adrenally fatigued or in 'burnout', you are Kidney deficient, in Chinese terms.